Cycling Clothing


The right cycling clothing can make a big difference to how comfortable you are (and how good you look) while out on the bike.

Road cycling clothing

Lycra is close-fitting material that is commonly used in road cycling apparel. Helping with aerodynamics and stabilisation of the leg muscles, the close-fitting nature of the lycra can help reduce muscle fatigue and is less likely to cause chafing.

A chamois is a common feature on road cycling shorts, this is a padded liner on the underside of the short that provides an added layer of padding and friction protection between you and the seat.

Road cycling clothing can also be made of insulating fibres to keep you warm and dry in winter months as well as lightweight, moisture wicking mesh materials to help with breathability on hot days.

Mountain biking clothing

Mountain bike specific clothing is generally loose-fitting for a casual style and to help protect you from scrapes and falls.

Mountain bike apparel is made tough, durable and will have certain lengths depending on what type of mountain biking you’re doing, for instance, longer clothing is good for more challenging riding disciplines, such as downhill or enduro as the added length offer more protection in the event of a crash. On the downside, this additional material can be hotter and lead to chafing if pedalling for long distances – which helps to explain why cross country and trail clothing is typically shorter.

Urban cycle clothing

Urban, also known as commuter cycling clothing will include features found in mountain and road bike clothing but almost look the same as everyday clothing. This can be very handy if you commute and you want to be comfortable on the bike as well as look good when you get to where you’re going.

Unsure on where to begin?

All cycling apparel categories can be filtered, making it easy to find the right kit to suit your ride.Jerseys, shorts, gloves and socks are a great place to start looking.