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Cycling Gloves


Types of cycling gloves available

Cycling gloves provide a range of benefits including, fall protection, improved comfort and increased grip when riding. When deciding which gloves are best for you, a few things to consider are your riding style, the level of protection required and materials used.

Riding style

Road bike specific gloves will often be lighter in weight and more aerodynamic

Mountain bike gloves will usually be full finger length, offering more protection against foliage, scrapes and falls with increased protection across the top of the hand and knuckles. Typically speaking, mountain bikes are light on padding so as to offer greater handlebar control and feedback.

BMX gloves are an evolution of mountain bike gloves, adding more grip to the palm, middle and index fingers to ensure adequate grip on the brakes and handlebars. Urban gloves will typically feature increased padding on the palms and typically offer more thermal options for cold weather commuting.


Cycling gloves typically feature a leather or synthetic palm with varied levels of padding to suit comfort and protection preferences and come in a range of styles to suit different riding disciplines.

The type of riding you do and climate you live in will usually dictate the style of glove and materials used that you end up with. Warmer climates will have riders selecting more lightweight or fingerless options, also known as mitts, that feature moisture wicking materials. Colder months can see riders opting for full-length gloves with thermal insulation. See our blog for more advice on how to layer up for winter.

Unsure on where to begin? Popular brands in the category include Fox, Giro and Endura. For those on a limited budget, BBB options present great value.