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Sports Nutrition


Before, during, after - the right sports nutrition is key

If you want to be successful in your sport, the right nutrition is a critical part of the training programme. There is a reason why every successful team in football, Formula 1 or cycling travels around the world with a nutritionist and chef. But you don't have to hire a nutrition professional to get results. It is relatively easy to ensure optimal nutrition for your body with the help of new food supplements. A balanced and wholesome diet is a good start, but it can't meet the special needs of a modern athlete on its own.

You can support your body with nutritional supplements not only when muscle building is on the agenda. Sports nutrition can also support you if you need to burn fat after the winter break in order to get back to your competitive weight. By the way, it is an outdated myth that only professional athletes and bodybuilders benefit from special sports nutrition. Even the training rounds you do are much more fun when you are not plagued by trembling legs, calf cramps or exhaustion. Here, too, sports nutrition can help you. However, to put together a targeted dietary supplement, you should work with an experienced trainer or consult a sports doctor.

Energy suppliers for your training

Protein shakes or protein bars are great for assisting with building muscle. They provide the building blocks your body needs to turn sweat into muscle mass. Most of them also contain other substances that increase your performance and give you unimagined strength. Mixing the mixture with water also has the nice side effect of supplying your body with an extra ration of fluid.

Gels and powder drinks for on the go

It makes sense that you need something more than a lukewarm cup of water or half a banana from the roadside during a race. If you run out of energy on the road, you need to top up. Energy gels in practical single portions that you can consume on the road bike without having to interrupt your ride have proven themselves. Soluble food supplements in powder form for your water bottles are also a good idea. It turns the contents of your water bottle into a source of isotonic power in its purest form. Of course, the packaged energy suppliers also provide a quick remedy when there is an acute drop in performance during training. Whether gel, bar or soluble energy drink, they provide you with quickly usable carbohydrates and minerals that you burn off on the way or lose in the sweat of your workout.

After sport is before sport - replenish your stores

After every training session, you feel burnt out and tired. This is quite normal. Then it's time to prepare your body for new heights with an optimal mix of nutrients. After a successful workout, a sufficient cool-down phase and a few stretching exercises, it's time to pamper your muscles a little. You can support the regeneration with energy bars or special regeneration shakes and fuel your muscles.