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Cycling Socks


Cycling Socks for Sale

Along with adding a touch of style, cycling socks have a number of benefits and are worth considering if you’re looking to add more comfort to your ride.

Features, Advantages and Benefits

Typically made of lightweight or insulating moisture wicking materials, cycling specific socks differ from standard athletic socks in a number of ways.


Cycling socks will typically be light on padding to ensure efficient power transfer and to prevent hotspots. The thin weight of cycling socks helps with their moisture wicking ability.

Combined with a seamless construction, this provides blister prevention and ensures your feet are kept comfortable, whether hot or cold.

Sock Fit

The snug fit provided by cycling socks also has the benefits of promoting blood flow to the foot during exercise which can help limit swelling. Compression through the midfoot and ankle provides additional support to the arch and achilles whilst also ensuring the sock doesn’t annoyingly slip down into the shoe when riding.

Sock Length

Cycling socks are available in ankle, short and long lengths so there’s sure to be an option to suit any personal preference. Mid crew length socks one of the more popular options available. Sitting above the ankle, they provide a good amount of foot and ankle support without feeling too high or too short. While they also aid with ankle protection in the event of a crash, longer socks help with sun protection and offer more space for a little style and improve calf definition – us cyclist’s are a vain bunch.

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