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Cyclocross Tyres


Cyclocross Tyres for Sale

Whether you’re riding dry hard packed fire roads, rain sodden muddy trails or a combination of both, the tyres on your cyclocross are crucial to giving you the all important traction required to keep you upright. Being integral to the ride quality of your cyclocross bike, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Tube style

Entry-level cross bikes will typically be shod with clincher tyres thanks to their easy installation and repair should a flat happen, however tubeless options are starting to increase in popularity thanks to the ability to run at lower tyre pressures and increased puncture resistance they offer. Keen cyclocross racers often use tubular tyres which are glued onto the wheel rim itself. The exact benefits and design of each is clearly explained within our guide of what to know about road bike tyres.

Tread Pattern

Cyclocross tyres come in a variety of tread patterns and upgrading to suit your riding conditions can greatly improve the handling characteristics of your bike. Similar to tyres found on mountain bikes, open and smooth tread patterns are used to suit riding conditions ranging from hard packed grass courses to rain sodden mud and even snow. Open tread patterns will be more efficient at clearing mud where smoother and tighter tread patterns excel on harder terrain by offering greater rolling speed. For those looking for all-round performance, an all-rounder with a medium tread height and reasonably open pattern is the best pick.

Tyre Width

The increased width of cyclocross tyres result in increased traction and puncture resistance on loose surfaces, making them versatile for use on a number of different surfaces and riding styles. Cyclocross bikes will often come with clearance to suit tyre widths up to 38c or 40c wide, however, for those looking at a racing tyre, the UCI sanctioned maximum tyre width is just 33c.