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GT Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes


If you love riding on rough and rugged trails, you might want to consider a dual suspension mountain bike. These bikes have shock absorbers on both the front and rear wheels, which help to smooth out bumps and improve traction and control. Dual suspension bikes are also full suspension bikes or FS bikes.

GT has been making quality bikes since 1972, and they have a range of models to suit different riders and budgets. Whether you are looking for a bike to tackle cross-country trails, enduro races, downhill runs or have fun in the dirt, GT has a bike for you.

Popular Models

  • The Sensor: This versatile trail bike can easily handle any terrain. It has 130mm of travel on both ends, a lightweight aluminium frame and 29-inch wheels for fast rolling. The Sensor has four versions: Sport, Comp, Elite and Carbon Pro.

  • The Force: This is an enduro bike that can confidently take on steep descents and technical climbs. It has 150mm of travel on both ends, a carbon fibre frame and 29-inch wheels for stability and speed. The Force comes in three versions: Elite, Expert and Carbon Pro.

  • The Fury: This downhill bike can easily handle extreme trails and jumps. It has 200mm of travel on both ends, a carbon fibre frame and 27.5-inch wheels for agility and strength. The Fury comes in two versions: Expert and Team.