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E-Cargo Bikes


E-Cargo Bikes

If you’re looking for a bike that will conveniently help you around town while contributing to a healthier environment, you should consider what a cargo bike can do for you. They can help you carry your things from a shopping trip without spilling them, or they can be used as part of your job or business for quick, green deliveries. No matter what your transportation needs are, cargo bikes are a great way to stay mobile, agile, and environmentally friendly! Bike exchange is the best place to get commuter bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, and bike accessories- learn about cargo bikes and get yours today!

What is a cargo bike?

Cargo bikes are sturdy, large bicycles that are designed to help people transport things that would ordinarily not fit on a bike. These bikes are valued in many different situations because they let you safely transport items without risking injuries or damages. Other bikes simply aren’t built for transporting things like groceries, packages, and food; cargo bikes are. This makes the cargo bike a valued item for people who live in cities and metropolitan areas where using a car is impractical and expensive.

There are a few different types of cargo bikes. First, there is the classic “longtail” cargo bike that has an extra-long rear side with a flat support platform over the rear wheel. Their general shape closely resembles that of a motorcycle that has storage just behind the rider’s seat. Second, there is the mid-tail cargo bike, which is smaller and has a rear shape more similar to standard bikes; they have a bit less storage but are easier to ride in narrow spots. Finally, there is the front-loading cargo bike, which is the hardest to find but has the highest storage capacity.

Front-loading cargo bikes are a specialised type of bicycle that has a large basket or container in between the seat and the front wheel. The basket makes it possible to carry large amounts of items that you could not normally transport with a bike. This makes it great for grocery shopping, deliveries, and running any errands that would typically require a car. These bikes aren’t as easy to steer as rear-loading cargo bikes, but they are still much more maneuverable and convenient than a car.

E-Cargo bikes have an electric motor that assists you while you pedal. They make riding a cargo bike less taxing, which is great when you’re trying to pedal a load of groceries uphill! You’ll often see these bikes listed as “e-bikes”, which refers to any bike that has a motor assist. This can be confusing, because not every cargo bike is an e-bike and not every e-bike is a cargo bike. The determining factor is storage- if it has a design that maximises storage, it’s a cargo bike- no matter whether or not it has an electric motor assist.

Are cargo bikes useful?

Compared to traditional bikes, cargo bikes are incredibly useful. Trying to transport or deliver anything more than what fits in a backpack isn’t safe on a regular bike. E-Cargo bikes were specifically designed to overcome the biggest drawback of using bikes- lack of storage. If you have a delivery job, using a bike in an urban area can be much faster than delivering by car. You can zoom through traffic, avoiding the congested roads that make delivering in a downtown area a nightmare.

E-Cargo bikes aren’t just useful for delivering packages and goods, though. Cargo bikes are also great for grocery shopping and other errands that would normally be inconvenient or unsafe on a bike. If you have a front-loading cargo bike, you can even put your toddlers in it and take them on a ride!

The only major drawback of cargo bikes is their size. Because they are so large, it can be hard to fit into a car or on public transportation. They simply aren’t designed to be portable in that way; cargo bikes are supposed to be a more suitable alternative to public transportation and cars. Traditional, compact bikes aren’t exactly designed for full-time, all-purpose use like cargo bikes are; cargo bikes are bigger and a bit harder to store because of this.

Where can I buy an e-cargo bike?

E-Cargo bikes can be pretty difficult to find, as they are only made by a few manufacturers. One option for people who want a cargo bike of their own is to have it custom-made. This can be a slightly more costly way to buy a cargo bike, but a successful one nonetheless. Getting in touch with the right bike shop has never been easier with BikeExchange. We have a large directory of bike shops from all places in Australia and other locations around the world. If you want to find a trustworthy, professional bike shop near you, Bike Exchange has you covered.

If you’d like to purchase a new or used e-cargo bike, BikeExchange is the right place to do it! We have a large selection of new and used bikes available from private sellers and bike shops for you to choose from. We also carry a large range of cycling accessories, including cycling shoes and bike wheels. Whether it’s a cargo bike, mountain bike, flat bar road bike, or even an e-scooter or kid’s bike, you can find it at BikeExchange!