Family Bikes


Family Bikes

Thinking about getting the kids out in the sunshine to enjoy a nice Saturday morning? Keep the stroller at home- it’s time to go for a ride on a family bike! Family bikes are a great way for cycling enthusiasts and parents of young kids to enjoy spending time outside and in the fresh air. They’re usually very affordable, safe, and easier on the body than pushing a stroller for miles at a time. Learn more about family bikes and find the best family bike for your needs with BikeExchange today!

What is a family bike?

Family bikes don’t typically fit into one category of the bike; rather, they can be any mountain bikes, load-carrying cargo bikes, road bikes, or hybrid bikes that have extra storage capabilities. Commuter bikes are another type of bike that works very well as family bikes because they have lots of stability and storage. If you have infants or toddlers, you can attach a car seat to the rear wheel of the bike, or even get a bike stroller that attaches to the back of the bike like a trailer! If you have a front-loading cargo bike, you can let your younger children ride safely in the basket while you take a nice relaxing ride.

Cycling enthusiasts often look for new ways to enjoy their favourite activities once they start families. Family bikes, with the appropriate bike accessories, are the way to go. If you want to get a family bike, the most important things you should look for are storage, the ability to attach things, and stability.

Any well-equipped bike can be considered a family bike; they are more of a sub-category that can be found in different bike styles than a category of their own. As such, you can find family bikes almost anywhere you look- you only need to make sure they have the right features! If you’re a mountain biker, a fan of touring bikes, or a serious road cyclist, the chances are pretty high that you can find a family bike that fits your style.

On top of that, many bikes can be converted into family bikes when you have the right cycling accessories. By adding a child/baby bike seat or a bike stroller, you can turn any bike into a safe and fun family activity!

What should I look for in a family bike?

The most important thing to look out for when shopping for a family bike is safety. If you are going to be putting your child into the bike, you need to know that it is safe to do so! The safest bikes have very high-quality and light-grip brakes that will help you stop on a dime when you need to. They also should have some form of shock suspension so that bumps in the road won’t jostle your child too much. Finally, a good family bike should have wide, stable tyres that can handle bumps and obstacles in the road without risking a fall. All of these things combined will contribute to a safe family bike that you’ll be able to enjoy for many weekends to come!

Storage and attachment capabilities are also very important for a family bike. Cargo bikes are a very suitable type of bike to use as a family bike because they typically have a rear storage area that you can attach a child’s bike seat to.

But, family bikes aren’t the only type of bike that your family might need. You can get children’s and kid’s bikes, such as 20-inch kid’s bikes, even kid’s scooters, to make sure everyone in the family has what they need for a fun weekend ride!

Where can I find the best family bike?

BikeExchange is the best place to find the family bike that works for you. We have an unparalleled network of private sellers and bike shops, with many different family bikes and cycling accessories to choose from. BikeExchange features products from more than 1,500 brands and has a massive selection of more than 45,000 items.

You can find used bikes and equipment, brand new bikes, and more from independent sellers and bike shops right here on BikeExchange. You don’t have to spend time combing through hundreds of different websites, trying to find the best brands and the best deals. All you have to do is log onto BikeExchange, search for the bike and accessories you want, and find the best option for you! On top of that, we have lots of reviews and guides to help you decide between different bikes and increase your knowledge about every part of the cycling world!

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