Fat Bikes


Fat Bikes

A type of mountain bike, fat bikes are all about traction, built for explorers, adventurers and weekend enthusiasts who want a bike that can handle just about any terrain, route or surface.

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Traction and tyres

The term fat bike covers any bike with tyres that are wider than 3.5 inches. The extra width on a fat bike tyre gives a larger contact area with the ground providing more grip. The larger surface area also helps to keep the tyre on top of the riding surface rather than cutting through it. This makes it possible to ride over soft terrain such as sand, snow or mud.

The latest fat bikes will often have tyres between the widths of 4.5 and 5 inches wide. Both 26 and 27.5inch wheel sizes are popular in fat bikes.

Riding Style

Fat bikes are built for fun and which fat bike you choose will depend on how you plan to ride it. They are designed to go places where you never thought a bike could go. You can use them on any off-road surface and in any climate. This means they are equally at home on a snow-covered forest trail as they are in rolling sand dunes, or on a sodden, muddy, obstacle-strewn mountain path. If you’re planning to ride rougher and more technical trails, then consider either a hardtail or dual suspension fat bike.

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