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Fixie Frames for Sale

Fixed gear bikes, commonly known as fixies, get their name by featuring ‘fixed’ gearing. In this sense, the rear wheel features no freewheel and so the rotation of the cranks is locked to the rotation of the wheel. These days, the term ‘fixie’ is a little broader and often refers to single speed or fixed gear bikes for urban or road use.

Fixed gear bikes, were traditionally kept for the velodrome, but are now extremely popular with commuters thanks to their efficient, cost effective and low maintenance design. With fixies increasing in popularity, some riders have turned to acquiring frames with a view to customise the bike to suit their personality and their needs.

Whilst complete fixies can often be had off the rack for a very reasonable price, for some riders, there is no substitute to choosing the frame, and all of its components yourself. Fixie frames are commonly made of durable chromoly steel or lightweight aluminium. A key feature of fixie frames are the horizontal rear wheel dropouts which allow appropriate chain tension adjustment for the single gear setup.

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