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Flat Handlebars


Flat handlebars are a type of handlebar commonly used on bicycles, especially on mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and city bikes. They have a straight, horizontal design and are generally wider than other types of handlebars, such as drop bars or riser bars.

The main advantage of flat handlebars is their stability. Because the handlebars are parallel to the ground, the rider's hands are positioned at a consistent level, which can help to maintain a steady grip and control over the bike. The wider design also allows for more comfortable hand positions, reducing fatigue on the rider's hands and wrists.

Flat handlebars also tend to be more durable and easier to maintain than other types of handlebars, as they have fewer moving parts and are less likely to bend or break. They can also be used with bar ends to provide additional hand positions and leverage.

In terms of downsides, the flat handlebar design can limit the rider's ability to vary their hand positions, which can be a problem on long rides. They may not be as aerodynamic as other types of handlebars.

Another consideration is the control over the bike; flat handlebars may not provide as much control as drop bars on high-speed descents or tight corners, as the rider's weight is not distributed as evenly.