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Handlebar Grips


Common on bikes that run a flat handlebar, such as mountain bikes, BMX and commuter bikes, handlebar grips can be either locked or slipped onto your handlebars. They also come in a number of different materials, shapes, sizes and colours to suit personal preference.

Lock-On or Slip on Grips?

A lock-on grip will typically have a plastic liner on the inside that the rubber grip is mounted too. This liner is then attached to a lock ring that clamps onto the handlebar. Once fixed in place, it’s near impossible for the grip to slide off or rotate perfect for mountain biking where the terrain often rough and wet. It’s worth noting that a lock-on grip will carry increased cost and weight due to the extra hardware.

A slip-on, also known as a push-on grip, does exactly as it’s name suggests in slipping over ends of the handlebar. They are often softer with greater shock absorbing properties compared to lock-on grips and are also cheaper and lighter in weight. Whilst they are a snug fit, there is a potential for a slip-on grip to twist when ridden hard in severe conditions.

Common Grip Materials

Common grip materials used include rubber, silicone and foam among others. Different finishes, styles and thicknesses will appeal to different personal tastes. BikeExchange has a myriad of different grip options on offer to suit any personal preference, if you prefer to be more hands on, head on down to your local bike shop to get a feel for what suits you best.