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GT Kids Bikes


GT kids bikes are designed with the Legit Fit system, tailored to fit your kid's proportions and riding style. The Legit Fit system ensures your kid has a comfortable and confident ride, with features like easy-to-reach brake levers, narrower handlebars, shorter cranks, and lower standover heights. These bikes also have durable frames and components that can withstand serious fun.

One of the best things about GT kids bikes is that they come in different categories to match your kid's preferences. You can choose from the following:

  • BMX bikes: These are perfect for kids who love to do tricks and stunts on their bikes. They have strong frames, single-speed drivetrains, and powerful brakes. Some models also have pegs for grinding and spinning. Examples of GT BMX bikes are the Performer Kids and the Mach One.

  • Mountain bikes: These are ideal for kids who enjoy riding on trails and off-road terrain. They have suspension forks, knobby tires, and multiple gears to tackle hills and obstacles. Some models also have disc brakes for better stopping power. Examples of GT mountain bikes are the Stomper Ace and the Aggressor.

  • Pavement bikes: These are great for kids who like to cruise around the neighbourhood or commute to school. They have smooth tires, upright handlebars, and easy-to-use shifters. Some models also have fenders and racks for extra convenience. Examples of GT pavement bikes are the Grunge and the Palomar AL.