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Kids Bikes


Kids Bikes

Experts say that exercise and play are just as important for young children as sleep, education, and healthy food. Getting your child a bicycle is a wonderful way to promote a healthy lifestyle and build their motor skills. If you’re an avid cyclist and you want to share your passion with your kids, get them a kids bike, and get to riding! BikeExchange is the best place for people in Australia to find kids bikes, kids scooters, family bikes, hybrid bikes, and more!

Are kids bikes safe?

Kids bikes are built with the same structural integrity and safety features as adult bikes. This means you can expect the same strong frames and brakes as you’d want on your adult bike. The kids' bikes and cycling accessories available at Bikeexchange come from top brands, so each purchase is bound to meet your expectations.

Training wheels

Many of the bikes for kids that are available to buy on BikeExchange come with training wheels. These small plastic wheels, attached to the bike's rear, add a tremendous amount of stability. Balancing on a bike is one of the hardest things for kids to learn, so training wheels are necessary for quite a while.

Using training wheels on a kids bike makes it easier for kids to learn other necessary cycling skills without worrying about falling over. Steering, braking, and mindfulness can all be learned before adding balance to the mix. If it’s your child’s first bike, ensure that it has training wheels so that they can safely ride and build confidence in themselves!

If you find that the kid's bike you are looking at does not include training wheels, check out our bike accessories page to buy a set! Furthermore, if you think that your toddler might still be too young for a bicycle, you can get them a balance bike that has no pedals so they can use their feet to push. These bikes are an excellent idea for toddlers who lack the motor skills or size to use a larger kids bike.

Teaching kids bike safety

As with any bike, a kids bike is only as safe as the person riding it. Since we are talking about children, it is important to understand parents' responsibility to teach their kids safe riding practices. No number of safety features can make a bike truly safe; if a child is riding without first being properly taught, accidents and injuries are likely.

Before letting your child ride on their own, they should learn to ride with close adult supervision and guidance. Kids need to know how to pedal, steer, and brake and how to be mindful of their surroundings. Make sure you teach your children to watch out for things like cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists. Most of the time, accidents occur not because the child doesn’t know how to ride the bike but because they could not see an obstacle in front of them.

Provided that children are given time to learn and practice safe cycling, kids bikes are every bit as safe as adult bikes. So, make sure you invest in your child’s learning and development- doing so will ensure they are as safe as possible while riding their new bike!

What sizes do kids bikes come in?

You can find kids bikes in sizes that will fit the smallest toddlers, all the way up to older kids who are nearly ready to upgrade to an adult bike. Bikes are measured by the diameter of the bike wheels, commonly represented in imperial units. Here are the most common kids bike sizes, along with the height range (in cm for convenience) of the child that will fit it:

12-Inch Bike: Good for children under 100 cm

14-Inch Bike: Good for children between 92 and 106 cm

16-Inch Bike: Good for children between 95 and 120 cm

18-Inch Bike: Good for children between 114 and 130 cm

20-Inch Bike: Good for children between 120 and 135 cm

24-Inch Bike: Good for children under 145 cm

Also, keep in mind that the bike you choose for your child depends on their legs' length, not just their height. If your child has exceptionally long or short legs for their height, consider getting them a bike one size larger or smaller to get a better fit! For example, if your child is only 105 cm tall but has long legs, a 20-inch kids bike might be a more suitable choice than an 18-inch one.

Where can I buy kids bikes near me?

BikeExchange has kids bikes for boys and girls available from the world’s best brands. You can find brand new or used bikes from private sellers or one of many bike shops on our platform. Whether you’re looking for cycling shoes, road bikes, commuter bikes, or want to learn more about cycling, BikeExchange is the place to be! We’re here to be your partner in cycling, no matter what your needs are.