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Bike Servicing

Nothing kills the enjoyment of a good ride like hearing avoidable creaks and groans coming from your bike, or worst, a total break down. Even if you complete your own DIY bicycle maintenance, having a professional bike mechanic go over your bike every now and then is a great way to ensure things are running as intended.

A bike service typically covers a range of maintenance tasks that bicycle and component manufacturers require a specialist to complete. Most workshops and bike stores offer set service options, along with more specific choices for particular jobs.

Most shops are likely to offer a variant on the following common service types:

Basic services will typically include a full adjustment of gears and brakes, a component wear check, frame inspection and safety check. Some workshops include a basic clean at this level too.

Drivetrain or Deluxe services typically build on the basic service with a more involved assessment of the bike. Typically the drivetrain will be removed for cleaning, while common wear parts may be replaced if needed. Wheels are trued, and even bearings may be regreased. If you’re one to ride often, this type of service is perfect to have done every six months.

Services at the top-end are typically undertaken once every 12-18 months and are more involved again. Best described as a complete bike rebuild, the bike is typically stripped of its components back to a bare frame. This allows a thorough cleaning, inspection, and meticulous re-assembly. The end result is your bike being as close as new condition as possible, perfect for if you’ve just bought a used bike or looking to bring new life into that much-loved ride.