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Mountain Bike Helmets


Mountain Bike Helmets

Whether you are in the beginner stages or are a skilful rider, the truth is that you always have to protect yourself and other road users. That is where cycling safety gear comes into play.

As more people get into mountain biking, so does the risk of injuries. Mountain bike helmets are designed and tested to provide the pinnacle of protection for your head while riding your bike on a mountain.

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Why are mountain bike helmets important?

One of the fundamental reasons mountain bike helmets are important is that they help reduce injury in an accident. Studies show that helmets can reduce the chances of severe head injury by approximately 70%. These helmets are designed so that they offer a cover to your head and will therefore cushion you against the shocks of impact and the damage that hard surfaces or sharp objects may otherwise cause.

Another significant benefit of wearing mountain bike helmets is that they help increase visibility. These items often have luminous colours that make it easy for other road users to spot riders on the road. Helmets can also be an excellent place for you to attach lights that can help increase illumination during the night. What’s more, some riders attach cameras to their helmets, making it possible for them to capture breathtaking sights and events while riding through different regions.

How are mountain bike helmets different from standard helmets?

Mountain bikes are often used on rugged terrain and in extreme sports and stunts. This means that the rider needs a little extra protection. It is with that in mind that mountain bike helmets tend to be slightly heavier than regular helmets. They are designed using rugged materials to help cushion against guard falls and impacts.

Mountain bike helmets are designed with greater head coverage in mind. This is especially important because many mountain bike riders ride through treacherous terrain. That is why mountain bike helmets tend to have greater coverage on the sides and at the back.

Mountain bike helmets also have a visor right at the front to help cover the eyes against different elements such as dirt, dust, or flying rocks that riders may have kicked up.

Another characteristic feature of mountain bike helmets is that they tend to have fewer air vents. This is often done to ensure that nothing can puncture through the helmet in case of a fall. Additionally, mountain bike helmets are rounder and bulkier than normal helmets, which tend to be compact and sleeker.

How can you choose the right mountain bike helmet?

Let’s face it, sometimes you can’t seem to pick the right helmet for yourself, and this can be made even more complicated when you have a huge selection of products to choose from. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your search for the best mountain bike helmets for yourself or a loved one.

Safety comes first

The most important consideration to make when picking an MTB helmet is safety. In most cases, a helmet designed with Multi-direction Impact Protection System or MIPS is often the ideal pick. This system allows the inner part of the helmet to move independently of the outer part, which helps cushion the rider’s head in case of impact.

Of course, certain helmets do not feature this system but can still offer exceptional results in cushioning the rider. It is equally important to pick a helmet designed with robust materials such as carbon fibre, ABS, fibreglass, or polycarbonate.

The size and weight

The size of the MTB bicycle helmet you choose is another important factor. An oversized helmet may come loose and fall off, while one that is too small may end up causing quite a lot of discomfort. The right mountain bike helmet should fit snugly on your head. The weight of the helmet should also be just right to ensure you get both protection and comfort.

Your riding style

Helmets are designed for specific riding styles, and that is why you should consider your ride style before settling on a particular helmet. Some helmets are best suited for XC racing, while others are ideal for enduro or downhill, while others are well suited for casual riding.

Where can you buy a mountain bike helmet near you?

Buy top-quality mountain bike helmets from BikeExchange online. We offer a wide range of helmet designs from some of the most reputable brands across the globe. Whether you are in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, or any part of Australia, you can rest assured that your order will be delivered as soon as possible. Shop now!