Liv Mountain Bikes


Liv Mountain Bikes

Liv mountain bikes are designed specifically for female cyclists. Liv was created in 2008 when it was found that there was a need for bikes that catered exclusively to the needs of female athletes. At BikeExchange, we are delighted to have many listings for Liv mountain bikes and other bikes that fall into the Liv range.

When you’re looking for a Liv mountain bike for sale, the best place to look is BikeExchange. In our store, you’ll find bikes from all over Australia, including privately owned and retail locations. Liv bikes are designed from scratch, and Liv regularly talks with elite athletes to find out how they can better design bikes for women. Women’s mountain bikes are a significant part of their range, including their Liv gravel bike and Liv road bikes. Liv cycling accessories are highly sought after by female mountain bikers as these are made to fully support women who have specific needs and require unique gear.

What are mountain bikes used for?

It is easy to think that Liv mountain bikes’ primary purpose is to ride downhill very fast, but there are several different types of mountain bikes, and they all have a specific purpose. The bike you choose should fit with the riding style you’re interested in. While it is possible to get very technical in choosing a bike, covering the main body styles and what they’re suitable for is ideal for beginners to the sport.

Trail bike

A trail bike is the most common mountain bike style, and they are not designed for any specific style of mountain biking. These bikes are ideal for anyone interested in a good solid bike suited for weekend biking with friends.

Cross-country bike

The cross-country bike is designed for riding fast along trails and focuses on its ability to climb quickly over its ability to ride downhill trails. These bikes are ideal if you’re interested in long open trails with a slight gradient.

What size mountain bike do I need?

When looking at Liv bikes for sale, you need to know what size bike will fit you. It is possible to determine what bike fits best by measuring your height and then using the manufacturer’s guides for the best size. All bikes will fit within a range of rider heights because the seat post is adjustable. If you buy a bike that’s the wrong size, you won’t use it properly because the pedals are too close or too far away.

Buying Liv mountain bikes in the correct size is the best way to achieve high-performance levels. As a bike’s frame is made from aluminium or carbon, it can be nearly impossible to adjust if you buy the wrong size. A bike that is the right fit will also allow you to control it better as you can easily reach the handlebars. The diameter of the wheels determines most bike sizes. It is advisable to look at their specific size guide chart for different bike brands as not all bikes are alike.

What are the advantages of riding mountain bikes?

Cycling is a sport that has many benefits to those who participate. Like many sports, you can cycle casually or as a part of a team and enter individual and group events. When you start with mountain biking, you’ll find some additional benefits that may not be covered with other biking styles.

A complete workout

As you travel on uneven ground, you need to be engaged with your bike. You may need to perform tricks and lift your bike over obstacles. The style of mountain biking (and there are a few) will determine what type of workout you’re getting. Using Liv mountain bikes regularly means that you’ll need to be one with your bike and learn how it moves and the unique ways you can move it over items and through tight turns. Most people know mountain biking as a downhill event, but you are riding uphill almost as often, and this will help strengthen your muscles to provide a complete workout.

Being out in the open air

Mountain biking is a great way to enjoy nature and see fantastic scenery. While you may find some urban mountain biking trails, most trails are in natural forests. Ecotourism and mountain biking go together like peas in a pod. You can easily find many trails near you that take advantage of the natural environment.

Getting social

When you’re on a mountain biking run, you are usually by yourself, but the sport is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. When you head to a new trail, people are often more than happy to talk about other trails in the area – some of which may not be highly publicised. Talking to other riders is a great way to discover new tackling a tricky trail.

Liv mountain bikes are perfect for women interested in riding on trails or seeking adrenaline-pumping downhill rides. At BikeExchange, we have an excellent range of Liv bikes (including Liv road bikes), and many of these can be shipped to you anywhere in Australia or collected directly. In addition to bikes, we also carry many other cycling essentials in our online store, including energy gels, handlebars (and tape), bike tubes, Lazer helmets, and cycling computers. Shop today!

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