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Pannier Bags


Pannier Bags

There are several reasons why people ride bicycles. While some prefer riding to save on fuel costs, some choose the activity merely for its fun, and others do it for the health benefits of cycling. Regardless of why you are riding a bike, there are times when you will need to carry along certain accessories, food, drinks or even a change of clothing. To ensure safety and convenience while carrying such items, we recommend choosing one of the pannier bags we offer online at BikeExchange. These bags are designed using high-quality materials and are available in various sizes, shapes, and colours so that everyone can find something that suits their preference.

What are pannier bags?

Pannier bags are specially designed bicycle bags that enable you to carry items around your bike while riding. These bags are designed to easily install onto your bike, allowing you to focus on the road without worrying about the safety and security of your belongings. Many of these bags can be hung from the rear or front rack of the bicycle, so you don't have to carry one on your back while you are riding. They are useful if you plan to take your bike to work, races, or other outdoor activities.

Pannier bags are not only fashionable but also functional. A lot of people love them for cycling long distances or riding on uneven terrain. They distribute the weight load and balance the bike. This is the right way of having fun while travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people!

How can you choose the right pannier bag?

Here are just some of the things you should keep in mind when thinking of buying any of the pannier bags in stock at BikeExchange online.

The size

One of the most important considerations for you to keep in mind is the size of the pannier bag you wish to get. Several sizes are available, so you will need to determine how many items you want to carry on a single trip by looking at each bag individually. Depending on what you are looking for, it can range anywhere from 10 litres up to 50 litres or more, enabling you to store everything, from laptop gear to other supplies.

The design

It is important for you to pick pannier bags that can protect the items you are thinking of carrying. Make sure it has enough straps and clips that can keep your belongings safe. When it comes to electronics, you may want to consider pannier bags that are designed to be waterproof. You can also choose bags with removable outside pockets for holding water bottles and other small items like keys and wallets. If you need to carry essential documents along, look for a bag with an internal document pocket.

The material

The materials that are used to design any of the pannier bags you are interested in should be another factor to keep in mind. For instance, nylon can be durable and easy to clean. Polyester is another excellent choice as its properties make them more durable and resistant to water, dirt, pollution etc. Weather-resistant canvas can keep your luggage safe in a variety of weather conditions. If you fancy a pannier bag that is not waterproof, you can always find rain covers as accessories to ensure safety for your most fragile items.

The costs

The cost of the pannier bag you wish to get should be another factor you take into consideration. The good news is that BikeExchange has a vast stock of pannier bags that go in different price ranges. This means you can buy the perfect bag even within the limits of your budget. Whether you are looking for practical low-end bags or some of the latest high-end styles, you can find them all here.

Bike design

Another important consideration to make is the design of your bike and what you ride for. Selecting the wrong pannier could actually affect your comfort while cycling. There are pannier bags that are ideal for rear mounting, while others are designed to mount perfectly at the front. There are also certain designs that are flexible enough to mount on both the rear and front rack. It is important to get the right style of pannier for your bike.

Closure system

Some pannier bags can be closed using zippers, but these are ideal for small luggage. Roller closures are ideal for people who carry many items and wish to keep them safe at all times. You can even find pannier bags with zippers on the side for easy access to the main compartment. Such zippers eliminate the need for you to have to open the main flap.

How can you install a pannier bag?

Most pannier bags can only attach to bikes that have a front or rear rack. If your bike does not have a rack, it may be prudent to consider shopping for one. Below is one of the most common ways of installing a pannier bag to a bike rack.

  • Ensure that your rear rack is firmly in place and that no bolts or nuts are loose.

  • Place the bag hooks into position on the rack and carefully push down until they clip into place

  • Be sure to push the centre clip into place. In certain cases, the centre clip may not go all the way down

  • If your pannier bag has straps, then pass them through the rear rack according to instructions

  • Make sure all openings of the pannier bag are closed to avoid losing items while riding

Where can you buy pannier bags near you?

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