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Patch Kits


A puncture can ruin your day and leave you stranded, whether commuting, touring, or racing. That's why it's important to always carry a patch kit with you, so you can fix your tyre and get back on the road.

A patch kit is a simple tool that allows you to seal a hole in your inner tube using adhesive and a patch. Different patch kits are available, but they all work on the same principle: find the hole, clean the area around it, apply some glue or cement, stick the patch over it, and inflate the tyre.

Some patch kits are glueless, meaning they have self-adhesive patches that don't require cement. These are convenient and easy to use but may not last as long as glued patches. Glued patches require more time and care to apply, but they create a stronger bond with the tube and can withstand more pressure.

Some patch kits are designed specifically for tubeless tyres, which don't have inner tubes but rely on sealant to prevent air loss. These kits use plugs or worms inserted into the hole using a special tool. The plug expands inside the tyre and seals the puncture.

Patch kits vary in size and price, but they are generally affordable and compact enough to fit in your saddle bag or pocket. You can buy them online or at your local bike shop. Some popular brands of patch kits include:

  • SuperB Glueless Patch Kit: This kit contains six self-adhesive patches that can be applied without tools or cement.

  • Lezyne Smart Glueless Patch Kit: This kit contains six self-adhesive patches in an ergonomic container that doubles as a tyre lever.

  • Park Tool TB-2 Tyre Boot: This is not a patch kit per se, but a temporary solution for large cuts or tears in your tyre sidewall. It is made of tough vinyl that can be cut to size and stuck over the damaged area.

  • Velox Tubeless Repair Kit: This kit contains five plugs of different sizes that can be used to repair tubeless tyres.