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Bike Fitting Services

Similar to a runner being fitted to the right pair of shoes, being fitted to your bike will have a big affect on your comfort, injury prevention and performance on the bike.

A bike fit is comprised of a number factors and can be of benefit to riders of any ability. Such a thing is typically based around optimising the contact points (handlebars, pedals, saddle) on the bike based on your biomechanics. In addition to increased efficiency, a bike fit typically provides injury prevention, meaning no more niggling aches and pains after those long days in the saddle.

It’s important to note that not all bike fits are the same. There’s a big difference between a quick fit to set your saddle height and cleats, and a three-hour session that includes a full biomechanical assessment, component swapping and a follow up appointment.

For more information on factors that optimise your bike fit, head on over to the BikeExchange blog for all you need to know on understanding your bike's geometry