Avanti Road Bikes


Avanti Road Bikes

Corsa Series

Avanti Design Technology (ADT) is an important philosophy developed by Avanti to guide their design and development process. With a greater understanding of the ride capabilities sought by riders of all levels, production technology is appropriately adapted in order to maximize performance from the suitable Avanti model.

  • Corsa SL - Avanti’s Corsa SL (SuperLight) is a refined road performance offering with an emphasis on optimizing weight and stiffness. The most significant feature of this model is the utilization of ‘Finite Element Analysis’, a form of technology that breaks down various components of the frame to assess stiffness before combining them in the final build. As a result, the Corsa SL is exceptionally stiff, particularly for its weight, and delivers extremely responsive power transfer. Primarily targeted towards climbers or those who want a versatile race bike, the Corsa SL is the choice of the Avanti Race Team, and is available in a range of builds and variations.

  • Corsa DR - Targeting maximum performance at high speeds, the Corsa DR (Drag Reduction) is Avanti’s aerodynamically superior road offering. Combining ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)’ with extensive wind tunnel testing, the Corsa DR borrows a number of crucial features from Avanti’s TT frame to create an aerodynamic frame with integrated components that is still both lightweight and stiff. As the alternative machine for the Avanti Race Team, this bike is suited to accelerations, sprints and long days in the wind, and is available in a select range of builds.

  • Corsa ER - Completing the Corsa Series is the Corsa ER (Endurance Road), Avanti’s comfort oriented performance road offering. Combining an endurance styled frame geometry with carbon ‘Vibration Reduction Stays (VRS)’, the Corsa ER is a versatile option that maximizes comfort and is super responsive. Ready to perform on harsh terrain and suitable for long days in the saddle, the Corsa ER is for endurance racers and riders alike.

Giro Series

Avanti’s range of Giro bikes is targeted towards the endurance or sportive preferred rider, and is available in an expansive range of models and variations ready to accommodate any riders preferences.

  • Giro C - With similar design considerations to its race performance counterpart, the Corsa ER, the Giro C is another versatile carbon endurance option. Once again utilizing carbon ‘Vibration Reduction Stays’ for maximum comfort, the relaxed frame geometries, lightweight materials and a lower level of components make for a very affordable carbon endurance option.

  • Giro AR - Perhaps Avanti’s most versatile ride option, the Giro AR is a popular series of alloy framed endurance bikes. Featuring disc brakes for responsive braking and control, increased tyre clearance and a sport saddle, the Giro AR is balanced for everyday riding. Capable of also being equipped with both fenders and racks, this ride is ready for commuting, touring, gravel and tarmac – basically wherever you want to take it!

  • Giro - As Avanti’s entry-level road bike offering, the Giro combines an aluminium frame with a carbon fork and alloy steerer to create an affordable endurance road option. Equipped with lower level equipment and reverting back to rim brakes, the Giro borrows a number of features from the performance range, but delivers in a much more affordable price bracket.

WISE Series

WISE is Avanti’s approach to optimizing women’s specific design, focused on improving female comfort, fit and performance. Avanti has refined a number of the above offerings to better accommodate female riders with womens specific models. As the premier performance offering, the ‘Corsa SL 2 Womens’ is built as a race road bike, while the entire endurance range of Giro models are commonly produced with a womens specific variation.

Avanti Road Bikes for Sale

With Avanti Racing Team, Oceania’s number one continental cycling team, and a number of Olympic Medalists from New Zealand choosing to ride Avanti, make sure you check out the huge range of Avanti road bikes available here on BikeExchange – we’ve got you covered regardless of your performance preference!

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