Bianchi Road Bikes


Bianchi Road Bikes

Bianchi is the oldest producer of bicycles still operating today, having been in business since 1885 when the founder Eduardo Bianchi switched focus from medical instrument producer to bicycle manufacturer. Continuing the tradition, Bianchi continues to paint bikes in their iconic celeste colour, something that makes their bikes stand out from the crowd in a classy way. This is a brand that is very proud of their heritage, with Bianchi having a long standing with the Giro D’Italia and all of their bikes, including the entry level are designed and developed in the Bianchi headquarters in Treviglio, Italy.

Being an Italian brand, Bianchi bikes are readily available with the Italian componentry brand Campagnolo, something not common on bicycle brands outside of Europe and Italy in particular.

Types of Bianchi Road Bikes

Racing – Specialissima & Oltre

Bianchi’s ‘racing’ range is comprised of a select number of extreme race performance carbon frames, optimising weight and efficiency to perfectly suit the demands of the serious racing cyclist. Most notably, this range features the innovative Countervail carbon technology patented by Bianchi, a material utilised in the frame and forks that reduces road vibrations and creates an unmatched weight to rigidity ratio.

The Specialissima has remained the pinnacle model offered by Bianchi since the brands inception, offering a premium road bike option with an ultralight frame and exceptional power transmission. The high stiffness to weight encourages fast climbing and accelerations, as well as smooth handling to ensure a fast and enjoyable descent down the other side.

While the Specialissima is the preferred choice of Lotto NL Jumbo for the specialist demands of climbing, the Oltre completes Bianchi’s race range by offering an aerodynamically superior road alternative. Launched in conjunction with the 2016 Tour de France, the Oltre XR4 is an evolution of the XR2 and XR1 models, undoubtedly satisfying this all-round design criteria to the highest degree witnessed yet.

Endurance Racing – Infinito CV, Intenso, Intrepida, Impulsa & Impulsa Disc

The endurance racing range appeals to the broader riding population, offering models that focus on optimal rider position for maximum comfort and performance over longer distances.

Headlining this range is the Infinito CV, another model that adopts Bianchi’s Countervail carbon material technology. With more relaxed geometry than the race range, an optimised riding position in combination with the Countervail technology is claimed to maximise comfort and reduce road vibrations, ultimately improving control and decreasing rider fatigue.

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The Intenso takes into account the same design considerations as the Infinito, offering another high performance carbon endurance option at a more affordable price point. This is achieved through omitting the Countervail carbon technology and the expensive production costs associated with it.

With more relaxed specifications than these previous two models, the Intrepida is Bianchi’s entry-level carbon option that is suited for long distance comfort, while the Impulso completes Bianchi’s endurance range in offering an alloy alternative that is stiff and comfortable, perfect for new riders and sportives.

Dama Bianca – Infinito CV Dama Bianca, Intenso Dama Bianca & Impulso Dama Bianca

Another aspect of Bianchi is their focus on women’s specific frame geometry and design, with almost every single road bike design offered by Bianchi available in a women’s specific version. On these bikes Bianchi re-designs the geometry of the frames to be more comfortable for female riders, with the head and seat tube angles differing from the men’s version. Not only do they change the frame design, the details are altered as well, with women’s models coming stock with different saddles and handlebar shapes to improve the overall experience with minimal need to change parts once the bike has been decided on.

Bianchi Road Bikes for Sale

With a huge range of Bianchi road bikes for sale on BikeExchange, make sure you check out the comprehensive range of Bianchi models so you can best satisfy your riding requirements!

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