Cervelo Road Bikes


Types of Cervelo Road Bikes

Aero Road – S Series (S2, S3, S5)

As the pioneer of the aero bike category, Cervelo’s premium generation, the ‘S series’, is defined by its focus on speed - optimising both aero and stiffness for maximum efficiency. Noticeably aerodynamic in design, the geometry doesn’t differ between the three frame models of the S series to ensure speed is in no way compromised. The S2 model is considered your entry-level in to this aero road series, providing a price conscious option, while the S3 model is both stiffer and lighter to create a more well balanced ride option. As the ‘proven leader’ of this series, the S5 is Cervelo’s fastest, stiffest and most responsive aero road bike available – ridden to World Tour successes by the likes of Mark Cavendish and Dimension Data!

Classic Road – R Series (R2, R3, R5)

Defined by its weight optimisation, the ‘R Series’ is Cervelo’s most comprehensive range of road bikes, and delivers lightweight performance bikes that are of extremely refined ride quality. The R2 is your typical entry-level model, equipped with a cheaper groupset and components at an affordable price tag. The R3 is often considered the best all-round road bike Cervelo has to offer, delivering a lightweight road option without compromising aerodynamics or stiffness. The R5, however, is the benchmark for this balance of weight, aerodynamics and stiffness. Engineered for performance, this superior, ultralight model provides the perfect complement for World Tour riders - delivering on hills and perfect for longer days in the saddle!

Endurance Road – C Series (C3, C5)

Highlighting comfort, stability and versatility, the ‘C Series’ completes Cervelo’s road bike series by providing the perfect endurance option suitable for any road enthusiast. Featuring disc brakes, relaxed geometries, increased tyre clearance and lightweight materials, this endurance series is engineered like a race bike, but with maximum comfort and stability. The C3 features a lower bottom bracket and longer forks for increased stability at an affordable price range, while the C5 offers the ultimate in endurance road performance, equipped with industry leading components for an impressive ride.

Cervelo Road Bikes for Sale

BikeExchange has a massive selection of Cervelo road bikes for sale, offering models from each of the series that ensure any rider’s expectations and requirements can be adequately met! Also be sure to check out Cervelo’s complete bicycle range, including the ‘P Series’ for Time Trial and Triathlon, and the ‘T Series’ for your track cycling fix!

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