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Focus Road Bike Categories

Focus prides itself on its racing heritage, engineering professional, considered road bikes suitable for all levels of riding. Currently represented in the World Tour by AG2R-La Mondiale, Focus has proven it’s reputation and performance capabilities at the highest level.

Road Race – Izalco Max

This premium category is lead by the Izalco Max, Focus’s most defining model and the choice of Team AG2R-La Mondiale. With straighter frame angles to highlight a more conventional race geometry, this super light performance road option offers uncompromised stiffness and handling.

Road Performance – Cayo and Cayo AL

The road performance line is perfectly suited for the serious endurance rider that spends plenty of time out on the road. Developed with comfort in mind, this range still utilises the lightweight materials and race geometry of the race generation, just produced with enhanced durability and stability. The Cayo AL range centres around an alloy frame option, typically with entry-level groupset and components to create a more affordable ride option. The Cayo range, however, is distinguished by its premium carbon concept and higher-end equipment for the perfect racing performance and comfort solution.

Road Endurance – Izalco Ergoride

The road endurance range is a more refined road comfort alternative offered by Focus. The Izalco Ergoride is engineered with more of a relaxed geometry, and provides an extremely versatile and comfortable road bike option. This relaxed setup coupled with an increased ability to absorb road impact creates a ride that is less demanding on the body.

Road Fitness - Arriba

With a focus on everyday use and general fitness, the road fitness range offers a perfect balance of weight, durability and comfort. Equipped with flat-bar handlebars and disc brakes, the Arriba remains the most versatile road option available from Focus and is suitable for any rider.

Focus Road Bikes for Sale

To learn more about road bikes in general, have a look at our complete guide, otherwise make sure you check out the huge selection of Focus road bikes for sale on BikeExchange!

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