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Giant Road Bikes


Giant Road Bikes

Giant’s current range of performance road bikes are designed to meet a broad range of rider preferences. Each category is distinguished by a select frame model to highlight the specific design considerations.

Learn more about the 2017 range of Giant road bikes by visiting the BikeExchange Blog.

BE Giant Road 2017 BE

Propel – Aero Race

The Propel is Giant’s most aerodynamic offering, engineered for maximum speed and efficiency to perform at the highest level of the sport. Catering to the racers that enjoy spending the day in the breakaway or sprinting at the end of the stage, this aerodynamically superior frame adopts many unique features, such as integrated brakes to reduce the drag and save energy at high speeds.

TCR – Competition

Giant’s most significant innovation over the years, especially regarding their road bikes, was the development of the compact road frame, which Giant named the ‘Total Compact Road’ or ‘TCR’ for short. This revolutionised the way many frames were manufactured, creating an extremely well balanced road option that is aerodynamic, lightweight and comfortable over a variety of terrain. The development of this style of frame geometry, a compact road frame with a smaller rear triangle and sloping top tube, was said to increase the stiffness of the frame and reduce weight, thus achieving a high stiffness to weight ratio.

The TCR Advanced is an extremely lightweight and stiff option, making it the perfect complement as Giant-Alpecin’s climbing and stage-race road option.

Defy – Endurance

Giant’s endurance range is designed to provide maximum comfort over longer distances, suitable for endurance and sportive events. Optimising a more relaxed geometry with a taller head tube and shorter reach, the Defy is perfect for those looking to spend long days in the saddle with maximum comfort, or those who are new to riding road bikes and are not yet accustomed to the more aggressive forward position that many road bikes promote.

Most Defy Advanced models have been designed with a focus on optimising disc brake control and smoothness.

Contend – Entry-level All-Rounder

A recent addition to the Giant family for 2017 is the Contend – an entry-level alloy road bike that is engineered for all round performance. Available in either rim or disc braking options, the Contend is extremely compliant and easy to control, similar to the Defy in design and offers a smooth, fast and fun ride option.

For further insight into this model, our Blog team has reviewed the 2017 Contend SL 1 Disc.

LIV – Envie and Avail

Giant’s Liv range is an innovative women’s specific range that is designed to better accommodate the different demands and preferences of female riders. The Envie and Avail closely resemble the Propel and Defy models mentioned above, but are essentially optimised for women’s specific geometry and design. Follow this link to find out more about the Liv brand and range of products available on BikeExchange!

Advanced Technology

Giant’s carbon composite frames carry the ‘Advanced’ branding. Giant offers three tiers of Advanced frames.

In all relevant models, the Advanced SL headlines the series, and features Giant’s highest grade carbon fibers to produce a frames with high stiffness-to-weight ratios. These top-tier models are also typically equipped with top of the line specifications and components suitable for maximum performance.

The Advanced Pro frames share the same geometry as the relevant headline counterparts, but are built with a different grade of carbon material to provide a more affordable option.

Completing this range is the Advanced, Giant’s entry-level carbon composite models produced with the same carbon as the Advanced Pro, just with an alloy fork steerer.

Giant Road Bikes for Sale

BikeExchange has a huge selection of Giant road bikes for sale, offering models from the above categories to ensure you can best meet your individual rider demands and preferences! Also be sure to check out Giant’s expansive range of other bikes available on BikeExchange, like mountain bikes, time trial bikes, hybrids and more!