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Liv Road Bikes


Liv Road Bike

The Liv road bike is a bike designed for women by women. Liv aims to design and build bikes suited for female cyclists. At BikeExchange, we are happy to have a collection of Liv bikes (including the popular Liv hybrid bike).

Cycling is considered a male-dominated sport, and many women's bicycles are modified from men’s bikes, and they do not offer everything that women are looking for in a road bike. The Liv ladies’ bike and other Liv road bikes use the specifications set out by female riders to produce the best bikes available.

Liv bicycles and this collection of bikes are very comfortable for female riders. Women are involved in every part of the design and build processes. The CEO is female, as are most of the designers and engineers. Liv aims to support more women in cycling and allow them the freedom to choose cycling gear suited explicitly for female athletes.

What is a road bike?

A road bike is one of the most popular styles of bikes for adults, with mountain bikes coming in as a close second. If you’ve been riding before, then odds are you’ve tried a road bike. Road bikes are designed to get people around cities and towns fast. If you’re thinking of buying a road bike, such as the Liv road bike, then you may wonder what exactly makes a road bike?

As implied by the name, a road bike is a bike that is designed for travelling on hard paved surfaces. Some cyclists may refer to a road bike as a racing bike, but a racing bike is generally a high-end road bike designed more for racing than everyday usage. Most road bikes will have an aluminium frame, as it is lightweight and robust.

A common feature you’ll find with road bikes are the drop handlebars. These handlebars are straight across the top, with each side dropping down to form a horseshoe shape. The drop bars allow you to place your hands in various positions, but many riders will keep their hands in the middle of the drop as it is closest to the brake levers. The other notable feature of road bikes are thin wheels, with slick tyres with minimal tread.

You can find road bikes with multiple gears and fixed gear (also known as a fixie bike). The fixed gear bike is trendy in some urban areas. You only have one gear on the fixed gear bike, and it is best used on relatively flat areas or in dedicated races.

As most bikes are made for male riders, female riders can choose a Liv road bike, as it is made specifically for women. Female riders often have needs in a bike missing from bikes designed primarily for male riders. However, the Liv ladies’ bike is looking to change that, and it is designed with input directly (and only) from female cyclists.

How to choose the best road bike from Liv?

Riding a Liv road bike is a great way to enjoy some exercise or continue your road cycling adventures. Choosing a bike will depend on where you plan on cycling. Road bikes are ideal for enjoying the environment and meeting new people. It is easy to get a little lost in all the specifications when buying a bike, especially if you’re not entirely sure what they mean.

When looking at Liv bikes for sale, you can check the features and performance guides. If these appeal to you and are in line with how you plan to use the bike (i.e., the type of terrain you’ll ride on), it is probably a good bike for you.

Road bikes have a wide range of price points, and knowing your budget can limit the number of bikes you need to examine. If a bike is under or over your budget, then it is not one you need to consider. When deciding on your budget, it is always a good idea to go 10% out of that range to see if any bikes are close to your budget and worthy of your time.

What are the advantages of a road bike?

The main advantage of owning a Liv road bike is that you have another mode of transport available to you. Owning a car is becoming more and more expensive, with soaring petrol prices, insurance, registration, and repair costs. Using a bike for your daily commute or visiting places on the weekends is becoming highly attractive to many people.

Even if you have long distances to travel, public transport is very accommodating to bikes. You can check your state, but many trains and buses will accept passengers travelling with their bikes. The more you can leave your car at home and rely on your bike, the more your annual car expenses will be reduced. After you get used to taking your bike everywhere you go and building your fitness levels, you may eventually give away your car.

You can find the perfect Liv road bike at BikeExchange. These bikes are suited for female riders who are new to cycling or athletes riding for years. These premium bikes can be sent to you or collected from a local seller. In addition to having Liv bikes, including Liv mountain bikes, we stock energy gels, handlebar tape, cycling computers, bottle cages, Lazer helmets, and other cycling gear. Shop today for fast delivery or pickup.