Pinarello Road Bikes


Pinarello Road Bikes

Pinarello doesn’t categorise its expansive road range in to the conventional endurance, road and aero categories like most other brands. Instead, Pinarello segregates its road models by frame and the particular specialist function of those models! We’ve outlined the key differences below.

Dogma F8 and Dogma K8-S

The ‘Dogma’ series is Pinarello’s most reputable road range - a premium quality range developed in conjunction with Team Sky and Jaguar to create highly specialised race performance machines. The Dogma F8 is often perceived to be the benchmark road model worldwide, with a number of grand tour successes undoubtedly supporting this claim. Developed with a focus on aerodynamics, the Dogma F8 proves superior aerodynamics can be achieved simultaneously with lightweight materials and an efficient balance of stiffness and rigidity. Perfectly complementing this aerodynamic model is the Dogma K8-S, an endurance model of the Dogma that has slightly refined geometries to provide maximum performance in a comfort-orientated design. The Dogma K8-S showcases Pinarello’s innovative ‘Flexstays’ and ‘Dogma Suspension System’ to create an extremely smooth and compliant ride, particularly on rough and unforgiving terrain.

‘Gan’ Range (Gan, Gan S, Gan RS)

Available in four different models, Pinarello’s ‘Gan’ range has a pronounced focus on weight optimisation. With similar race design and performance technologies to the Dogma F8, these models are issued with various component and carbon grade options at affordable price points. The Gan is your entry-level in to this range, with carbon fibre quality and groupset specifications progressively increasing through the Gan S, to the top of the line Gan RS.

Completing the Pinarello Family (Rokh, Razha K, Neor and Prima)

Pinarello has a number of other models that appeal to a wider audience, with versatile options perfect for everyday use. The Rokh is considered a scaled down version of the Dogma K8-S, with relaxed geometries and cheaper components to provide another comfortable endurance model at a more affordable price point. The Razha K is another endurance focussed road model, with a full carbon frame suitable for longer ride distances. Pinarello’s Prima and Neor models are, in terms of price, your most accessible road option. While the Prima is a traditional alloy frame, the Neor breaks the entry-level market niche with a hybrid frame of both alloy and carbon – an affordable innovation this Italian brand is particularly proud of.

Pinarello Road Bikes for Sale

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