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Touring Bike Tyres


Touring Bike Tyres for Sale

Whether you’re commuting through town, going on a weekend adventure or bikepacking across the country, having the right touring tyres fitted to your bike will go a long way to improving the comfort and safety of your ride. Different from standard road bike tyres, touring tyres are built to take a true beating across a variety of surfaces. They’re not light, but extreme durability, puncture protection and all-weather grip is just what you want when you’re hungry and keen to get to camp.

Tyre Width and Diameter

Touring bike tyres will typically feature increased width. This results in increased traction, ride comfort and reduced chance of punctures. Touring bikes will typically feature 700c wheels and tyres to suit. Smaller 26in wheels and tyres are also common for use in less developed parts of the world thanks to their availability.