Track Bike Tyres


Track Bike Tyres for Sale

Designed for ultimate speed around the velodrome, track bike tyres will typically be lightweight and offer extremely low rolling resistance. Their low weight is often at the expense of puncture protection and durability, something that doesn’t matter too much on a well-maintained, specific purpose and sealed track. Both clincher and tubular options are available with the latter the favoured option amongst keen racers due to the reduced weight, rolling resistance and most importantly, the fact the tyre is glued to the rim to withstand a very high pressure.

As for tread pattern, slick is generally the way to go as unlike many [road bike tyres], track tyres do not have to deal with surface imperfections common on tarmac.

Track bikes will typically be shod with 22mm width tyres as they provide optimal rolling resistance on the smooth surface of the velodrome. Wider tyres are available for use on outdoor velodromes.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a clincher tyre to use on the track, also consider options in our road bike tyre range.