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Triathlon Swimwear


Triathlon swimwear is designed specifically for triathletes, who need to be comfortable and efficient in the water while also being able to quickly transition to the bike and run portions of the race.

Key features and benefits of triathlon swimwear

Streamlined design: Triathlon swimwear is designed to be sleek and form-fitting, reducing drag and allowing for greater efficiency in the water.

Breathable materials: Many triathlon swimwear options are made with breathable and moisture-wicking materials, helping to keep athletes cool and comfortable during the swim.

Quick-drying: Triathletes need to be able to quickly transition from the swim to the bike portion of the race, so many triathlon swimwear options are designed to dry quickly and prevent chafing.

UV protection: Many triathlon swimwear options include UV protection to help protect the skin from the sun's harmful rays during long hours in the water.

Buoyancy: Some triathlon swimwear includes built-in buoyancy features, such as thicker neoprene material or strategically placed panels, to help improve swim efficiency and reduce fatigue.

Zipper design: Many triathlon swimwear options include a unique zipper design that allows athletes to quickly and easily transition from the swim to the bike portion of the race without having to change out of their swimwear.