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Tubeless Rim Tape


Tubeless rim tape is a specialized tape used in the setup of tubeless tires on a bike. It is applied to the inside of a tubeless-compatible rim to create an airtight seal between the tire and the rim, allowing the tire to be run without an inner tube.

How Tubeless Tape Works

The tubeless rim tape is a barrier between the spoke holes and the air inside the tyre, sealing the air inside it and preventing it from leaking through the spoke holes. It is typically made of a strong, flexible material such as nylon or polyurethane.

Tubeless rim tape comes in different widths that are designed to fit different width rims; it's important to choose the correct width for your rims, as an ill-fitting tape can cause leaks or make it difficult to mount the tyre.

Installing Tubeless Tape

The process of installing tubeless rim tape is relatively simple. The tape is applied to the inside of the rim and then cut to the correct length and width. It's important to make sure that the tape is centred, smooth, and free of wrinkles or bubbles to ensure a proper seal.

Once the tubeless rim tape is in place, the tubeless valve is installed, and the tyre is mounted on the rim. Air is then introduced into the tyre and sealed using a tubeless sealant.