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Getting a commuter bike is a great way to help the environment, live a healthier lifestyle, and avoid the crowds of public transportation- all while getting to work on time! These bikes are perfect for riding back and forth to work, running errands, and living life in a city. Bike Exchange is your go-to destination for commuter bikes, cargo bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and more! Learn more about the benefits of having a commuter bike below:

What is a commuter bike?

Commuter bikes are bicycles designed to provide great comfort, stability, and longevity and to function as an everyday bike for urban use. Unlike mountain and road bikes that are made to be used for specific exercise activities, commuter bikes are an “all-purpose” vehicle that can function as a true replacement for a car in almost any situation.

Bicycle commuting has become more popular around the world in recent years, especially in places like Australia. More people are realizing that they need to do their part to help the environment, while simultaneously becoming tired of sitting in rush hour traffic, paying for gas, and car troubles.

Bicycle commuters are also a great alternative to using public transportation. You don’t have to wait at a station or bus stop or keep to a schedule that isn’t yours. You aren’t limited by the frequency of stops or the available routes; rather, you retain all the commuting freedom that having a car affords. Using a commuter bike is an ideal way for many people to switch to a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly method of getting around.

Commuter bikes, in their construction, aren’t the same as flat-bar road bikes or hardtail mountain bikes. Mountain bikes use wide tyres and an ultra-strong construction due to the heavy impacts and wear and tear that comes with mountain biking. As a result, they’re heavy, bulky, and generally aren’t well-suited for using day in and day out. Road bikes are the exact opposite; they’re thin, light, and aren’t very comfortable after a few hours of use. And, neither road bikes nor mountain bikes afford much in the way of storage.

Commuter bikes are, essentially, a hybrid between a road bike and a mountain bike. On top of that, they usually have some form of storage that lets you safely carry belongings throughout the day. They aren’t quite as storage-centred as cargo bikes, but they do sometimes feature a rear-wheel platform where you can strap your belongings on safely.

Commuter bikes are also designed for comfort. If you’re going to be riding it every day, you need a bike that won’t leave you feeling sore and exhausted. Other types of bikes are made for recreation and sports, so the companies that make them don’t always put a ton of emphasis on making them comfortable. Commuter bikes usually include a very comfortable seat that will help you feel nice and fresh when you arrive at work.

Finally, commuter bikes are affordable. Because they don’t have to include all the high-level sports features of other bikes, manufacturers can sell commuter bikes at more entry-level prices. If you’ve been shopping around for a bike and are dismayed at the prices of fancy road bikes, an entry-level commuter bike will be a breath of fresh air!

How long do commuter bikes last?

Like many things, your commuter bike will last a lot longer if you take proper care of it. This means keeping the moving parts greased up, covering the bike when it rains and making sure your handlebars are always aligned with the wheels. That being said, commuter bikes are very long-lasting and can provide up to 20 years of solid performance- sometimes more!

With bikes, individual pieces often fail every few years, but the entire bike itself will only be rendered unusable if it is damaged in a crash or completely rusted out. You will have to maintain and replace tyres, wheels, handlebars, seats, and brakes every few years, but never all at the same time. As long as you commit to keeping your bike in good shape, there is a decent chance you can commute on the same bike until you retire!

Where can I buy the best commuter bike?

Whether you are buying your first commuter bike, your fifth, or you are just looking for bike parts, Bike Exchange is the place to be. You can select from our massive catalogue of 600,000+ items from 1,500 of the top cycling brands. That’s part of what makes Bike Exchange the best place for people in Australia to get into cycling!

For all your bike needs, Bike Exchange is the best place to have them met. If you are looking to get a commuter bike, e-bike, e-scooter, bike accessories, or cycling shoes, you’re in the right place! We’re passionate about cycling of all types, from happy Sunday joy rides to gruelling races, to everyday work commutes. Bike Exchange is here to help- shop around or get in touch with us today!