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Assos Cycling products


Assos Cycling Products

Guided by a business philosophy that promotes only the highest standard, Assos is a brand synonymous with performance, quality and reliability and is extremely proud that every aspect of its goods, from design and research right through to key production, originates from its headquarters in Switzerland.

Rather than a complete overhaul annually, Assos continually refines its range only as necessary, primarily targeting the different demands of each of the four seasons in its design considerations. Assos further offers the ‘Assos Layering System’ or ALS - a concept that allows products from the range to complement and function with one another, in order to best accommodate changing environmental conditions.

Towards the end of 2016, ownership of the Swiss company changed hands with Black Diamond Equipment taking the reins. The change in ownership has seen a new direction for the upmarket clothing manufacturer with Assos aiming for gender-balanced marketing efforts, as well as opening up the brand to a broader range of cyclists by offering garments at lower price points whilst still retaining the quality they are so well known for.


Entering the market with a bang in the late 70’s, Assos is credited as the first company to develop lycra for use in cycling shorts, an innovation still found at the foundation of cycling clothing to this day.

Combining knowledge and experience with science and technology, the Swiss company continues to develop and are credited with numerous innovations over the years. These include; the Assos Textile Laboratory Lugano; Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design; and Elastic Interface Technology. In an essence, through developing fabrics’ specific to the unique demands of cycling, Assos has been able to produce integrated and highly functional apparel of the highest quality.

Range of Products

Assos has an expansive range of cycling clothing, apparel and equipment, with urban, road and mountain specific collections that comprehensively cover both men and women for all weather conditions.

With jerseys, jackets, base layers, bibs, socks, gloves and a range of other accessories on offer it can be hard to know where to start, so we’ve picked three popular items from the range to get you started.

Assos T.Cento_S7 Bibshort

Assos bibshorts are commonly thought of the as the gold standard in cycling. Featuring the newly designed comfortFIT material, which provides a less restrictive fit, and a quality chamois, the T.Cento_S7 provides ongoing comfort as you rack up the km’s on those long days in the saddle.

Assos SS.Uno_S7 Jersey -

Another popular item from Assos’ Summer range, the SS.Uno_S7 jersey is perfectly suited for longer rides, offering riders a comfortable jersey with a race orientated fit, made with light and breathable materials.

Assos Chamois Cream

As the choice of many professionals, Assos Chamois Cream is designed to ensure you’re able to stay comfortable on the bike. In addition to reducing friction, the cream features a number of anti-bacterial ingredients to prevent infection and reduce inflammation and can be used with any brand of cycling short.