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Tom Finnigan started what was to become the famous local Australian cycling company Malvern Star out of a little shop on Glenferrie Road, in the suburb of Malvern. Finnigan had won the Astral Wheel Race in ’98 (that’s 1898…) and decided to start manufacturing his own brand of racing and touring bikes. And Malvern Star has been putting out bikes of all varieties ever since.

In 1920, Bruce Small bought Malvern Star from Finnigan. A year later, after the business had already begun to grow with Small brothers getting involved, a young Hubert Opperman won an event sponsored by Small, winning him over completely; the beginning of a long partnership, Small sponsoring ‘Oppy’ as he came to be known throughout his career.

Oppy went on to lead the first Australian team ever to compete at the Tour de France in 1928, Oppy going on to win the Paris-Brest-Paris later in ’31, setting a new record for the event at the time.

Over the years, Malvern Star has been bought and sold by numerous different parent companies, but is currently owned by Sheppard Cycles Australia. Malvern Star works closely with Australian cyclist Phil Anderson, who was the first Australian ever to win a Tour de France.

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Malvern Stars – the Bikes

Today, there are a huge range of Malvern Star bikes out there for you to choose from, regardless of your age and riding ability. While they once focused on producing bikes for the road racing and touring markets, they have since expanded to include a range of mountain bikes, commuter bikes, kid’s bikes, and vintage style cruisers to their line of models.

Malvern Stars are built using a range of modern composite materials, from carbon fibre used on their high end 'Oppy' Road racing machines, to lightweight aluminium alloy that is strong and reliable; perfect for the everyday commuter and those who are just getting into mountain biking for the first time.

Malvern Star Sponsorship

Sponsoring great Aussie riders means that Malvern Star has a great base of information to work on current technologies and improve their performance, specific to the Australian and South Pacific market. Carrying on the tradition that Small and Oppy began long ago, Malvern Star is a bike brand made by Aussies, for Aussies.

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