Recumbent Bikes & Trikes


Recumbent Bike Overview

Recumbent bikes place the rider in a laid-back position with the peddles in front rather than below the rider. Most recumbent riders choose these bikes for ergonomic reasons as recumbent bikes allow the rider’s body weight to be spread over a much larger area than your typical bicycle seat. In addition to the ergonomic benefits, recumbent bikes are also very efficient. The low laid-back position provides less wind resistance than the more traditional up right riding position.

Characteristics of Recumbent Bikes

  • Laid back riding position.
  • Available with two or thee wheels.
  • Brakes and gears
  • Some hand pedal versions exist.
  • Cornering is more difficult.

Recumbent Bike

Trike and Tricycle Overview

Although tricycles are often associated with toddlers, they are also widely ridden by adults. ‘Trikes’ are often ridden by older adults or people with disabilities who prefer the extra balance offered by a third wheel.

Characteristics of Tricycles

  • Three wheels
  • Easily balanced
  • Brakes and Gears
  • Often have a storage basket at the rear
  • Can buy electric powered tricycles

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